Which module is responsible for Lane and Pool resizing?

When I drag an element inside a lane or a pool and drop it on the border the parent element is automatically expanded. Which module is response for that behavior?

It’s the auto-resize.

Thank you @barmac!
I’ve got a question though. Is it intended that when target is Lane resizeShape of modeling is executed instead of resizeLane?

Shouldn’t it be something like this?

if (is(target, 'bpmn:Participant') || is(target, 'bpmn:Lane')) {
    this._modeling.resizeLane(target, newBounds, null, hints);
  } else {
    this._modeling.resizeShape(target, newBounds, null, hints);

I don’t know. Why? Have you noticed any bug?

I’ve just noticed that you have already created a thread regarding auto-resizing. Please keep the discussion there: Pool not resized when element moved to its border