Vertical pool in Camunda Modeler


is it possible to make vertical pools in Camunda Modeler?

It is not.

Your timing is great though, as a community member currently builds support for it, or is planning to do it. Let’s see if that materializes :star_struck:.

Thats why i am asking. Is it possible to try it?

Please follow the issue and :crossed_fingers: this gets implemented.

I dont understand which issue? Where can i find it?

This issue: Vertical Pools and Lanes Modeling · Issue #507 · bpmn-io/bpmn-js · GitHub

I am sorry, but i do not understand how to implement it. What do i have to do?

There is not much you can do at the moment.

Camunda Modeler currently does not support vertical pools. However, its next version, which will probably be released in mid-January, should be able to draw vertical pools correctly. However, this does not mean that modeling will work. Modeling may be implemented in the future. You can see how much vertical modeling is implemented by viewing the link you’ve been given.

If you want to try vertical pools right now:
Create a new model in Camunda Modeler, place a pool in it, then switch to the XML view (bottom left) and change the isHorizontal attribute from true to false.
Save that model and open it in

Note that this is no “magic switch”. For instance, this will fail to work in most cases for lanes.
However, if you have created vertical pools and lanes in another tool, is now able to draw (render) that correctly.

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