Sequence flow does not snap to edge after redo


I’m using the modeler on If I delete some tasks, choose Undo, then choose Redo, after Redo, the sequence flow is not snapped to the edge of the target task any more. Please see the attached images.

Create a model:

Delete some tasks:

Choose Undo (Ctrl-Z)

Choose Redo (Ctrl-Y)

This might be similar to another post (Snap the arrow to the edge of node elements) but it happens to Redo rather than importing a file.

I have the same problem with the modeler in our web application. Adjusting the connection waypoints and emitting “elements.changed” as shown in the other post might be the solution, but where to put that code?


Hi Bruce,
very nice you might already find a solution inside the forum! It’s hard to tell where to put the solution inside your application when we can’t see any code. Is there a chance to give us more details?

However, the behavior you described is indeed a bug, since I was able to reproduce it. I really want to encourage you to create a new issue with a clear description so we can deal with it!

Minimal test case for this issue:

Start diagram: test.bpmn (2.2 KB)

I created a bug ticket for this issue: Cf. bpmn-js #940.