Select2 change event not working as expected?

Select2 integration


        selectOnClose: true


Detecting change event

$(document.body).on('change', '#camunda-ppPrice_list_operation-select', function(evt) {

    setTimeout(()=> {

      customSet(element, {pricelist: });    

    }, 1000);    


Changes not firing in the change event ?

So as you describing this issue, it seems to be related to select2 and not within our toolkit, right? Can you maybe describe your use case a bit better. A CodeSandbox would be very appreciated.

Select2 is working, because customSet event is called , but the drawshape method is not called, bpmn-js not triggering in programmatic dropdown changes
For example if i change the selectbox using code it does not call customSet method , the issue is exactly related to the below mentioned issue.

How to trigger select option event,

Please share a CodeSandbox. Otherwise we can’t help you.

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing good and keeping safe in these challenging times. If this is still an issue for anyone try the below


//Here the ** is just a list of *[]*
//It contains only IDs - used as Value in the select element