How to trigger select option event



I am extending SelectEntryFactory using select2 library.

Using SelectEntryFactory the structure of HTML is like

<div class="bpp-properties-entry dropdown" data-entry="entity">
	<label for="camunda-entity">Form</label>
	<select id="camunda-entity-select" name="entity" data-value="">
		<option value="Form1">Form1</option>
		<option value="Form2">Form2</option>

and with select2 library the structure of HTML is

<div class="bpp-properties-entry dropdown" data-entry="form">
	<label for="camunda-form">Form</label>
	<select class="js-example-basic-single" id="camunda-form-select" name="form" data-value="" tabindex="-1" style="display: none;">
		<option value="Form1">Form1</option>
		<option value="Form2">Form2</option>
	<span class="select2 select2-container select2-container--default" dir="ltr" style="width: 229px;"><span class="selection">
	<span class="select2-selection select2-selection--single" tabindex="0" role="combobox" aria-autocomplete="list" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" aria-owns="select2-camunda-form-select-results" aria-labelledby="select2-camunda-form-select-container">
	<span class="select2-selection__rendered" id="select2-camunda-form-select-container">Form1</span>
	<span class="select2-selection__arrow" role="presentation"><b role="presentation"></b></span>
	<span class="dropdown-wrapper" aria-hidden="true">

here is how it looks

My question is when I am selecting options from SelectEntryFactory the event it triggering

but the same thing using select2 library no event is triggering.

Value is changing in both select box but not it is not adding in element property, not XML is generating accordingly.

Please suggest some help about a select event for my scenario.

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Hello, how did you solve this problem?


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