Open in Browser Custom Elements Example

Hi all,

I have a question similar to this thread Custom-elements first step

I can run the example in node js.

My question is, can I customize that example to run only in browser without the need of a server?

That example uses that code (var CustomModeler = require(’./custom-modeler’))

I have tried using browsefify and requirejs whitout sucess unfortunately.

Thanks for any suggestion

Sorry If I misunderstood (and I did)
My need is extend bpmn io without using jquery, only JavaScript. I need to instanciate CustomModeler with the result of content files

Please, tell me if I am not clear again.


Once you have run grunt build, under dist directory you will have all required resources, including bundled app.js file to use directly in the browser.

Just try to open index.html directly without web server and it should still serve you the CustomModeler example.


Thanks Vladimir

I will do that

After googling I take a look at this article and now its clear to me.

Since I am newbie to JavaScript environment, thanks all for the help :wink:

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