Custom-elements first step

Hi, Recently I started using bpmn-io. I try to add custom element to panel and add to my diagram. I get bpmn-js-nyan and bpmn-js-examples and read custom elements but I do not know the steps. Does anyone can explain steps?


Please have a look at this introduction for more insight on how bpmn-js works.


Thanks for the reply.
I read introduction and I have done these steps:
1- npm install -g bower
2- bower install --save bpmn-js
3- I do not know how to load the Viewer in next step.
I opened index.html in app folder with chrome but this error occurred in app.js:
var viewer = new BpmnViewer({ container: ‘#canvas’ });—> error line

error in console:
app.js:10 Uncaught TypeError: BpmnViewer is not a constructor.

@ali_soltani What did you figure out after looking into the examples?

What concrete questions are remaining?

Please use some sort of HTTP server to run the app (not index.html directly , from Introduction:

Now that everything is set, you can run the application with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 or live-server or any other kind of server that is able to deliver web pages.