Installing bpmn


I’m a newbie. I’d like to integrate bpmn on a page on my website (preferably with the bpmn prepackaged solution).

I’ve looked at the bpmn website but no exactly sure how to use the prepackaged solution. I’d like to be able to create, edit, download, and upload diagrams (same as Should I be using bpmn-js for this?

Do I simply put the prepackaged scripts/links for viewer and modeler in an html file?

Do I copy and paste the code in the following file…

(looks like the functionality to save and upload diagrams is not in the above file)

My end goal is to have the same functionality as on my webpage (create, edit, download, and upload diagrams)


Hi Carl,

please see modeler example in our examples repository:

This should help you.



That is correct. You’d need to implement the respective functionality yourself or build upon the modeler example @barmac pointed you to.

Great. Thanks for the link and guidance. I was able to get this up and running on my server. Looks like all the functionality I was looking for comes straight out of the box. Thanks again!

My steps:

  1. git clone
    location: I used nginx for the web server. So I cloned it right into the html folder (/var/www/html/)
  2. Navigated into the Modeler folder
  3. Executed npm install
  4. Executed npm run all
    result: I’m now able to create, download, re-load, edit diagrams
    e.g. - http://111.22.333.444/bpmn-js-examples/modeler/public/

Great tool!