Getting started as a beginner integrating bpmn on a website

Hi everyone, nice to meet all. I am a beginner to bmpn (and to programming in general). Currently I am trying to to integrate bpmn on my website.

I have been following the steps in these 2 links:

Here is what I have done so far:
1)Downloaded the modeler folder onto my local drive, installed nodejs,npm
2) Navigated into the modeler folder on my command prompt, executed npm install and npm run all.

However, there seems to be an error when executing npm run all. This is the error message that I get.

Downloads\bpmn-io bpmn-js-examples master modeler>npm run all

> bpmn-js-example-modeler@0.0.0 all
> run-s lint build

> bpmn-js-example-modeler@0.0.0 lint
> eslint .

Oops! Something went wrong! :(

ESLint: 5.16.0.
ESLint couldn't find a configuration file. To set up a configuration file for this project, please run:

    eslint --init

ESLint looked for configuration files in C:\Users\seng\Downloads\bpmn-io bpmn-js-examples master modeler\app and its ancestors. If it found none, it then looked in your home directory.

If you think you already have a configuration file or if you need more help, please stop by the ESLint chat room:

ERROR: "lint" exited with 2.

May I know if there is anything that I am doing wrong, or if there is a more comprehensive step by step guide/forum posting? Thank you for the kind assistance rendered :slight_smile:

Fixed. Modeler works fine locally now. Initially faced multiple errors after initialising the config file but worked in the end. Heres the command I ran and the values i selected.Capture

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If error persists, try using npm start instead of npm run all!


Where is the actual Modeler Folder that you downloaded. ?
Other parts were clear

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