How to run BPMN Diffing


Hello, i would like to know more precisely how to run the diffing functionnality in local ?

Indeed, i tried to make it with grunt and it doesn’t work atm…

Thanks a lot



What project are you referring to. A link would be helpful.


Yes sorry :smiley:

Indeed i would like to run with my own bpmn diagram by default, and not the actual BPMN example diagram.

Thanks a lot




Yes i know but i would run it in my own server and i dont know how to run this type of app, indeed she has her own package.json for dependencies, then i have to make a “npm i” i though, and then how to run it ???

Thanks a lot



Deploying JavaScript apps on a server is outside of the scope of this forum. There are tons of resources on the Internet about that kind of topic.


Yes i understand, but the problem comes from the app haha ^^’


I would just understand how to use the app on another app using grunt XD