How to refresh the viewer

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I already found forum threads regarding the topic how to refresh the diagram in the modler utilizing the commandStack. However I’d like to refresh the viewer.

Can anybody tell me how to do that? I wasn’t able to find how calls to the renderer are triggered.

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Why would you like to do that?

I want to implement something like the the feature of the camunda tasklist, where open tasks are highlighted in the model (as shown in this picture).
The highlighting is done by setting the background color of all open tasks to a custom value. As users complete tasks, this background colors should get updated without a reloading of the site. The colors are not part of the model that’s why a re-import of the process XML is theoretically not necessary.

As discussed here you can notify a modeler instance about elements being changed via the elements.changed event.

If you’re using the viewer you’d need to include the ChangeSupport feature or mimic its behavior to achieve the same results.

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