How to disable the exapnd icon in a collapsed sub-process

Is there a way to remove this arrow or to disable the expand on click of the arrow.
When I click on the expand icon the process is opening in the same window. There is no way for me to go back to the original process. I don’t want this behaviour. Instead I want to expand the sub process using the change element option.

There is no way for me to go back to the original process.

You should be able to navigate back to the original process by using the breadcrumbs navigation on top

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 09.37.01

Thanks for response. I am currently implementing bpmn io in my project using react-js. I did not implement the breadcrumbs for sub processes. I do not want to use breadcrumbs. I just want my sub-process to be accessible only through the change element->sub-process(expanded).
Is there any way I could block the expanding behaviour on click of the arrow icon.

@nikku @beatriz.mendes @Niklas_Kiefer @Martin any ideas.

I guess you could simply not display the button via CSS, adding display: "none" to the .bjs-drilldown class.

Alternatively, you can exclude the drilldownOverlayBehavior module, see how to disable features here.

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