How to disable a feature?

How can I disable or turn off a feature, for example grid-snapping? We have special layouter for connections, so they should look like this
however, after update to bpmn js 4.0.0 ad up, they look like that
due to modeling.updateWaypoints(connection, self.snapMiddleSegments(waypoints)); in LayoutConnectionBehavior.js

Thank you in advance!

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Sorry, you need to disable all the features that depend on grid snapping, too:

additionalModules: [
    gridSnapping: [ 'value', null ],
    gridSnappingAutoPlaceBehavior: [ 'value', null ],
    gridSnappingCreateParticipantBehavior: [ 'value', null ],
    gridSnappingLayoutConnectionBehavior: [ 'value', null ],
    gridSnappingResizeBehavior: [ 'value', null ],
    gridSnappingSpaceToolBehavior: [ 'value', null ]

Thank you very much, it works!

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Does this solution also work for bpmn-js 6.x.x and newer?
I’ve tried it but snapping is still active.

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