How to create custom task type?

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In bpmn modeler, I need a custom task type named ‘bpmn:MobileTask’ or ‘gbme:MobileTask’,

gbme is prefix for custom moddle extension in my project.

I need help to create this task type and show in ‘bpmn:Task’ contextpad , please help me.

Thank you.

In past days I searched to find a solution but not found anythings, if this topic is duplicate sorry for necrobomb

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Hi @Hadi_Jami
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After using the search, I found this, which might help you.

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Hi @Niklas_Kiefer
Thank you for reply.

I checked this topics and other but not understand hot to create custom element. I need basic and simple information about this.

What didn’t you understand in the given example? Maybe we can help you in detail.
Furthermore do you already write some code for the custom task?

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Thank you @Niklas_Kiefer
Like a user task, I need have a custom task named mobile task and with bpmn:MobileTask or in my extension gbme:MobileTask type, then I need have a custom moddle extension (I’ve not problem to create custom moddle extension, I extended many bpmn element with this), now I need know how to define a custom task with custom icon and custom moddle extension. Also this task should contain businessObject, extensionElements, id, name, and … (default bpmn element properties).

How are you defining your custom task? Are you planning to execute your processes or open them in other BPMN editors?

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I dont know, I need this info.

Yes, I created a bpmn process flow engine and worked successfully with my custom moddle extensions, and now, I need create new task type and show in task contextpad menu.

How do your other extensions look like? Can you provide an example of the XML you want to produce?

Hi @philippfromme

I helped others in this post and also I used this solution to extend elements.

of course, in xml I need this :

<?xml encoding="utf-8"?>
       ... [Mobile task extension element like user task]

note : a simple and clear question
_How to create task element like user task or service task or send task or receive task with custom icon and other global properties like businessObject, id, name and etc…
Just, I need a sample json/xml/…

I hope can describe my problem.

Previously you’ve been using extension elements, which is fine. Creating something like <bpmn:MobileTask> is technically possible from our toolkit’s perspective. However, you won’t be able to open such a diagram in any bpmn-js instance that isn’t modified, let alone any other editor. The diagram will also not be executable in any engine that isn’t modified. I’d like to understand why you need a custom element instead of using extension elements. If it’s only about the appearance and a few properties you can easily do that while ensuring BPMN 2.0 compatibility. I’ve created a simple example that shows what I mean:

Let me know if this example is helpful.

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First, your example very helpful and very very thank you for help me with patience.

In past days [weeks] I developed a fully customized bpmn modeler\viewer tools based on bpmn-js for my requirements and … yes, I know that I can not use in any other editor or engine.

Also I developed a fully customized bpmn [process] engine with .net, react [with redux], sql server and more tools and integrated custom bpmn tools with this engine.

In my approach, we’ve a many forms and reports that only need run and view on portable devices like cellphones, tablet, handheld and other, when process engine receive a mobile task, if viewer device isn’t a portable user get an message, also I need more task types.

Also, I integrated bizagi, process maker, kissflow, oracle adf and visio bpmn export with my tools and cast all user configs to our config and run process.

Finally, very thank you for help me. I fixed my issues with your example, and now, I’m happy :wink:

Good luck @philippfromme (… and sorry for bad english)

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@Hadi_Jami can you pls help me with extending bpmn in ProcessMaker?

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