How to copy & paste with bpmn 0.15.1?

I can’t find the way to copy and paste elements with the last version.
I’m trying with the lasso tool but it doesn’t work.

I’m using the Firefox & Chrome in MacOS El Capitan.

Any help, please?


It’s not the command key, It’s the control key to copy and paste in MacOS, then the blog article is wrong (

But the contextual sub menu to copy/paste is not displayed.


I have just tried to use demo page to check it (using same - Firefox & Chrome in MacOS El Capitan).

Select all and lasso tool both work for selecting. And both shortcuts CTRL/CMD + C, CTRL/CMD + V work.

Context menu is not mentioned in this blog post - it is available only in the Camunda Modeler.
Feel free to contribute with a pull request to add this feature to the bpmn-js, as well.

Please check your shortcut mappings (browser extensions/OS).



when you instantiate your Modeler you have to do it like this:

    var modeler = new BpmnModeler({
        container: canvas, 
        keyboard: { bindTo: document } 

You must add the attribute “keyboard: { bindTo: document }”.

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