Entered Name On Custom Elements Are Showing Under The Custom Icon Svg

Entered Name On Custom Elements Are Showing Under The Custom Icon Svg what should I do?

I want to show my entered name on a custom element like below u done before:

@nikku @philippfromme

please give me a hand it’s my new feature I have done and customized and developed all parts but I don’t have any idea about it…
my code is on GitHub if u mind

Hi, please share a link to your code, specifically the part where you render the shape. Compare also how labels are rendered for tasks: bpmn-js/BpmnRenderer.js at develop · bpmn-io/bpmn-js · GitHub


it’s my GitHub repo::

While you are checking my code I’ll check the links you shared with me.
thanks so much for your attention and time

renderEmbeddedLabel(parentGfx, element, ‘center-middle’);
attachTaskMarkers(parentGfx, element);

solved my issue thanks so muchhhh
no need to check my code and repo anymore
thanks thanks <3

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I am happy you were able to solve the problem :slight_smile: Feel free to share your project on the forums when it’s publicly available!

@barmac Sure I will, but it’s for my company project which is secure I will do it again with public authority and share it in GitHub and share it here and hope to help the other guys, honesty I’m so proud of it and also want to say bpmn2.0 is amazing thanks to you and your team all bpmn2.0 guys.
it’s my pleasure a day be part of your team ASP <3

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@barmac Can you tell me how to remove the context pad and some default icons at .djs-palette-entries like the exclusive gateway…?

Please create a new thread for any additional questions you have. This way, we can make the forums searchable.

@barmac yes for sure

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