My first BPMN is good?


I try to make my first BPMN :
save_eng1.bpmn (22.0 KB)

My process must manage the creation of an order.

My BPMN is correct ?.. I want to to automate it. Is it detailed enough ?

I’m not sure : when “error boundary event” occure, parellel taks run ?

After task “Reserve items”, if tasks “Check custommer account” or “Offer response received” are never completed, items will be reserved indefinitely… how to solve this problem ?

It looks Amazing! Has some minor mistake which you have to keep in mind for future.

Best Wishes,

How could you add your name at the center of your custom element?
I have an issue that I described in Entered Name On Custom Elements Are Showing Under The Custom Icon Svg issue…Could You have a look?

Yes, Your First BPMN is so amazing.
And I am glad to your success.