DMN Context support (dmn js)

I’ve asked this awhile back but wanted to know if there are plans to support context elements. If not, are there recommended steps I could take to instantiate context elements on my own.

Reference post here: DMN Context not rendering in Modeler (dmn-js)


It’s not possible at the moment. There is already an issue on this topic: Support boxed contexts in literal expressions · Issue #372 · bpmn-io/dmn-js · GitHub

I can’t really tell when we are going to implement context support.

Could you clarify why it is not possible? Is it something that individuals can contribute to the dmn-js package? Or, is it possible to extend the current package to include context elements?

I assume now that it would require an architectural change. However, I want to look into this later this year or beginning next year.

One big obstacle which we have right now is that we depend on Inferno 5 for rendering. I don’t think it makes sense to build yet another editor (context editor) on this engine, so ideally we’d migrate out of it together with support for other elements.

However, it’s simply not a team’s priority right now :frowning:

Understood! Thank you very much for the detail.

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