Copy/Paste through context menu like in demo


I am able use copy/paste feature using Control+C/V. But how can I achieve copy/paste using context-menu like shown in demo? Can anyone please share if they implemented this?



Hi Narasimha,

which demo are you referring to? Please share a link. In general it is possible to copy/paste elements by first, selecting them and than right click on the element again. A menu with copy/past shows up.



Hi there,
I am having the same issue here, I have started a small project by cloning the properties panel project from the example repo on github.

And it seems like it is not possible to copy/paste elements by the keyboard shortcuts, and neither by right clicking on them. I have encountered the same issue with every example from the example repo.


Hi @paddy_B,

the behaviour observed by you is a bit different to the initial post by @nsama2 as there copy and past using hotkeys worked fine.

This might helps you: