bpmnlint translate

Good afternoon! Tell me how can I connect a translation file for the rules?

As far as I know, that’s currently not possible. We’re open for contribution to improve the situation!

I figured it out. It uses the general bpmn js translation method

// this is a translation file
import translations from './ru/translate';

export default function customTranslate (template, replacements) {
  replacements = replacements || {};

  // Translate
  template = translations[template] || template;

  // Replace
  return template.replace(/{([^}]+)}/g, function (_, key) {
    return replacements[key] || `{${key}}`
    const customTranslateModule = {
       translate: ['value', customTranslate],
    this.modeler = new Modeler({
      container: '#canvas',
      keyboard: { bindTo: document },
      additionalModules: [customTranslateModule, lintModule]
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Hi is it worked!!! we need to change rule to use translate module