Bpmnlint: Custom error messages for built-in rules

I’m trying to write translated error messages for bpmnlint rules. I’ve applied it to all of our custom rules, but our modeler also uses several of the built-in rules. Does anyone have a reasonably simple/maintainable way to do this? Am I better off just copying and modifying all the built-ins manually?
I’ve already copied the helper method disallowNodeType and manually modified it, but it seems impractical to do that for everything.
I found this question from a few years ago, but I can’t work out what the implementation of the answer would actually look like.

Copying and modifying built-ins does not sound like a maintainable way to do this. However we don’t have out of the box support for translated lint errors yet.

On the browser side of things in bpmn-js we do support translations (cf. bpmn-js-i18n). I assume you work in the browser and not NodeJS context?

What is the most minimal example where you’d like to translate lint messages? If you share that we can have a look.

We’re working in the browser, yes. I’m hesitant to implement a full translation module when the only thing we want to translate is a handful of messages, without any need for switching back and forth (we don’t need to ever see the English version, or switch between languages - it’s just a full replacement).
A minimal example would be the no-complex-gateway.js rule. (If I need to set up a Code Sandbox, I will, but I think the playground is probably fine for testing? Our custom rules are in a basic bpmnlint plugin.)