XML Validation against XSD consistently fails

This is more of a general BPMN question, but unfortunately I can’t find any other active forums related to BPMN. When I try to validate BPMN diagrams (generated by Camunda, bpmn-js and others) against the XSD provided here by the OMG, it always fails with “Invalid Schema or missing namespace”. I’m using the simple XSD validator included in Notepad++. Is there something obvious I’m missing here? We’d really like to be able to validate our diagrams against the standard.

We do validate diagrams created in bpmn-js against XSD via the bpmn-js-integration. You can use that repo as an inspiration.

I’m not trying to write a program to run validation for me. I’m just trying to work out why the validation fails when I run it through an existing XSD validation program. Would you have any information on that front?

@kirstenhh If you provide additional details (i.e. the diagram failing) then we’ll be able to provide you detailed assistance.

Validation failures can have many different causes including:

  • Schema cannot be found by validator, and hence it bails out
  • Diagram actually broken
  • Validator (Nodepad++) broken

Just a terrible error message, I guess. I tried it on xmllint instead, and it was indeed that the schema is full of dead links, so web validation wouldn’t work. Used it with downloaded schema files instead and that validated correctly.

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