XML command for background

Hi! Could you please prompt XML command for background color changing? Something same like bioc:fill=“fffff” for elements. So the background should has the same color as elements on picture attached. Thanks.


Can you explain what do you mean with “XML command”?

Maybe the Modeling#setColor API will help you.

I mean I have XML code f.e. bioc:fill=“141e26” for filling an element, but same doesn’t work for the whole background. So I’m searching for similar code to fill background itself.


while the fill and stroke of BPMNShape elements (see bpmn-moddle definition) can be set in the BPMN-XML, this is not possible for “the whole background” (which would be the BPMNDiagram or BPMNPlane).

What you could do is customize the bpmn-js BPMN renderer to have the desired colors as “default” rendering (see https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples/tree/master/theming). Would that help for your use case?


I guess, thanks! The only thing to deal with is to learn javascript now :smile:

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