X symbol for XOR gateway in viewer

Hello, I have been using Camunda and your bpmn-js modeler the past few weeks to display automatically generated BPMN XML coming from existing workflows in text format (stored in a database). In this XML I have been using the following tags to describe an Exclusive gateway:

Please check the attachments “XOR” and “bpppppm” for this as I can’t seem to paste any XML here without it counting as an actual link to something.

Now, in Camunda and the bpmn-js modeler this automatically adds the XOR cross symbol to this gateway. But when I use your bpmn-js viewer to represent this XML it shows a gateway without a type symbol in it. Am I missing some kind of attribute in my initalization tag or what am I supposed to do to make this symbol show up?


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Comparison modeler vs viewer.modelerviewer

Whether or not the marker is shown is controlled via the bpmndi:BPMNShape#isMarkerVisible property:

<bpmndi:BPMNShape ... isMarkerVisible="true">

Thank you sir, this seems to do the trick!