Hello, is possible to use this plugin for Camunda inside my bpmn-js project?


Have you tried to port it to you project?
The Plugin consists of a general bpmn-js-extension , moddle-extension and some react components. You should be able to adapt it to your project as well. Are there any concrete issues are you facing?

Yes, I tried.
I have an anulgar app and tried to add it ext at additionalModules but it doesn’t take affect

import camundaWysiwygDocumentationPlugin from 'camunda-modeler-wysiwyg-documentation-plugin';

this.bpmnModeler = new BpmnJS({
        container: containerSelector,
        keyboard: {
          bindTo: window
        linting: {
          bpmnlint: bpmnlintConfig
        additionalModules: [
          // Re-use original palette, see CustomPaletteProvider
          {[InjectionNames.originalPaletteProvider]: ['type', OriginalPaletteProvider]},
          {[InjectionNames.paletteProvider]: ['type', CustomPaletteProvider]},
        propertiesPanel: {
          parent: propertiesPanelSelector
        moddleExtensions: {
          camunda: camundaModdleDescriptor
        taskResizingEnabled: true

Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing:

Have you made any changes to the code base of the documentation plugin? Are you trying to add the complete modeler plugin or the bpmn-js extension, which is part of the plugin?

You are also missing the documentation moddle in the moddleExtensions.

Hint: To share complete setups, create and link a CodeSandbox. This way, we can inspect the problem at hand in action and, thus, can help you in a timely and more effective manner.

Thanks :heart:

I’m trying to connect exactly the JS extension from the “client” folder. I am trying to import the contents of a folder as a “camundaWysiwygDocumentationPlugin” module into “additionalModules”. As u can see on below comment.

How can I connect all this correctly and what is the " documentation moddle in the moddleExtensions" you wrote about, I cannot find it in the plugin code

As far as I understand, in my situation it is not possible to directly integrate this plugin into the web version. But, apparently, I found a solution. You need to add the necessary elements in the “propertiesPanel” in the same way through the “properties-panel-extension”. Add your any modal window with your any “Wysiwyg” editor. Next, you need to save the contents of the editor as a string to the attributes of the element, as it is implemented in the desktop version of the plugin. As I understand it, this is the adaptation that was mentioned earlier.