Why theres is no documentation?

why theres is no documentation which developer can search what function can do what kind of things!

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We decided to rather go for a learning by examples approach for now. That does not mean that might change in the future when we see there is a real need.

Maybe you can illustrate a little better what do you need to better work with our toolkit? Is there anything you would expect to be in proper documentation?

  1. I would like the documentaion introduce the api:
    like the function below, i dont konw what the params is
bpmn.get('modeling').connect(source, target, attrs, hints)

it’s better if the docs can explain it!

source: element ex.
target: element ex.
attrs: object ex.
hints: ex.
connect(source, target, [attrs], [hints])
  1. docs can introduce the core class like Modeling, elementFactory etc.
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