Why does milestone and report changes to the service icon when converting the xml to svg?

I am a newbie in BPMN and was trying to convert my xml which has the bpmn to a svg file and i saw that all the three i.e service task , milestone and report have the same icon when converted to an image. Why is is so? I know those two belongs in service task as well but shouldn’t it have different icon.The xml file of my BPMN and the converted image is attached below.
formilestone2V8.bpmn20 (1).xml (7.8 KB)

Please share a diagram and a screenshot to give more context. This will make it easier for us to help you.

i have attached the xml file and the converted pic in the post

Looking into the XML I can see that elements are annotated with custom activiti namespaced attributes, i.e. activiti:type="Report". I suppose these were used to change the rendered shape in some other tool?

Our toolkit does not take any proprietary extensions into account. It just renders the elements according to their standard look.