When hover, a bullet box is displayed below the node

import BpmnViewer from ‘bpmn-js/lib/NavigatedViewer’;

Now, I have built a viewer using the above method of introduction.

Now I’m wondering if I can achieve such a function, when a user hover a node, a pop-up box appears, showing some information of the current node.I found an example of the comment function. So, I feel that I can also achieve the function I want. Now I don’t have any ideas. Can you give me some suggestions?Thank you very much.

Interaction Events + Overlays = :fire:

Thank you for your help. These have given me some ideas. Thank you very much.

var overlays = bpmnViewer.get(‘overlays’);

// attach an overlay to a node
overlays.add(‘SCAN_OK’, {
position: {
bottom: 0,
right: 0
html: ‘

Mixed up the labels?


html add CSS but not applying.

If you want help, make sure your code is readable and your question is understandable.


Why is it not working?