What is the main difference to other bpmn-tools?

according to the tools provided by Signavio, flying dog WORKFLOW and ibo Prometheus,
what is the actual difference of bpmn-js and to the ones mentioned above?
For example the modeler of “Signavio Business Transformation Suite” Die einzige All-in-One Business Process Software | Signavio looks pretty the same as the modeler from bpmn-js, so I am asking in which points they differ.
From a good bpmn-tool, I would expect that it is easy to handle, to make the solutions accessible for other people, thus they can inspect them and to be extensible
Thanks in advance and kind regards.


Our tools are embeddable, customize them to suite your needs.
Our tools aim to empower the user.
Our tool does not make diagrams accessible to others out of the box. You’d rather compare the alternatives you mentioned to Cawemo which builds sharing and collaboration on top of bpmn.io tooling.

All tools model BPMN, which makes them look similar in certain aspects.

Thanks very much. So, it seems the difference is that the alternatives are not extensible but allow collaborative work and sharing. Is this summarized correctly?