What is the goal of the Modeling Custom Rules

I do not understand the goal of this feature.
Is it an example to create rules to prevent the creation of a task under certain conditions?
I found the documentation of the very slight excuse me

You’re right, custom rules enable you to allow or restrict certain modeling operations. Do you have any specific scenario in mind?

Yes, a simple example: i would like to prevent the possibility to have a StartEvent and an EndEvent that are connected to nothing.
Do you have an online BPMN editor that implements custom rules ? To see how it displays exceptions.

Thanks a lot


There’s an example of custom rules here: https://github.com/bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples/tree/master/custom-modeling-rules

Your scenario sounds more like a case for linting. How would you model a start event to begin with if you’re not allowed to have start events with no connections?

Indeed my example was simple and bad aha, but for example i would disable possibility to have more than one connexion from A to B, actually we can have as much as we want.

Thanks a lot


I read the documentation on the github, and i just did not understood, i tried to open a BPMN and see how he would react after setting up the custom rules and he did not do anything :confused:

What rules would you like to implement? How are you including your custom rules?

I would like to make working the default rule presented in the doc example git of modeling-custom-rules… But it doesn’t work :frowning:

What exactly is not working?