Validation on input output parameters for bpmn:callActivity

The requirement is to add “required” validation on input-output parameters of bpmn:callActivity and make it visible on the properties panel UI.

  <bpmn:callActivity id="Activity_00lde5i" name="BPO Common - Create Resource 2" calledElement="bpocommon_ForceTerminateResource">
          <camunda:inputParameter name="input_map_1">
              <camunda:entry />
          <camunda:inputParameter name="resource_input_1" />
          <camunda:outputParameter name="resource_output" />

Something like as shown in case of calledElement

To me this sounds like a good use for element templates: About element templates | Camunda Platform 8 Docs.

These allow you to clearly define the contract of particular called processes, including input / output validation.