Validate 13.000+ BPMN files

I have to validate more than 13.000 BPMN files that are to be migrated from Activiti to Camunda BPM. I already ran an XML schema validation and pushed them through the Camunda engine parser. However, the Camunda Modeler provides interesting warnings, that I would like to fix as well.

Is there a way to just run the validation of bpmn.js on all the files and get the results. An ideal solution would be a command line program that is started with a BPMN file name or its contents and then returns the log of errors and warnings. Some code in a unit test might work, too.

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Depending on the warnings you are interested in, parsing the diagram with bpmn-moddle may be enough. It performs the meta-model/type checks XSD validation cannot perform by design. It runs in NodeJS and provides errors as well as warnings.

var BpmnModdle = require('bpmn-moddle');

var moddle = new BpmnModdle();

var xmlStr =
  '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' +
  '<bpmn2:definitions xmlns:bpmn2="" id="empty-definitions" targetNamespace="">' +

moddle.fromXML(xmlStr, function(err, definitions, parseContext) {

  if (err) {
    // we got an error

  if (parseContext.warnings.length) {
    // we got warnings...


Even more validation is performed upon importing the diagram with bpmn-js. This unfortunately requires a browser environment and is not as easy to script.

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And by the way: :thumbsup: for the massive amount of diagrams you’re validating :blush:.