Using the bpmn-font in Microsoft Word / Windows

Hey guys.

How can I install and use the bpmn-font in Windows? Which characters do I have to use in order to “write” BPMN?

Thanks Bernd


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You need to download the font distribution via GitHub.

The dist folder contains the pre-build font files. Based on your operating system I presume you need to install the ttf font version. Use the symbol table to select bpmn-font symbols. You can also create individual symbols by UTF-8 character codes. Find them here.

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HI Nico.

I already installed the ttf, and I saw that table. But I am lot how to use the font in e.g. Word (and the font preview in windows doesn’t show any BPMN symbols). That’s why I asked :slight_smile:


Hi bernd You need to say “Insert => Symbol => Additional Symbols”, and then you choose “BPMN” as the font, and off you go!

Great thanks! I thought I tried that - but maybe in a wrong moment during my install/deinstall cycles… Works now.