Using stylesheets offline (diagram-js.css & bpmn.css)


I am making a customisation of the using

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

which two files I downloaded and want to use offline as an offline application to use without an internet connection when for example no wifi is available.
The issue now is, that something is missing, the panel and everything related to the bpmn font (at least that’s what I suspect) is missing on my rendered page. When running a test server I get a message

GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 404 2076

not sure if that is a hint?

This font?

So here is what I am trying:
with this inside the head-tag:

<script src="{% static "css/diagram-js.css"%}"></script>
<script src="{% static "css/bpmn-font/css/bpmn.css"%}"></script>

I am trying this on a Windows machine right now and also tried to ‘install’ the bpmn.ttf but there are some issues (“ttf does not appear to be a valid font”). But with the codes like:

.bpmn-icon-intermediate-event-catch-condition:before { content: '\e812'; } /* '' */

in the bpmn-codes.css I already doubt that it is “just a font”?

Can someone point me to the right direction?

With best regards,

That has nothing to do with the toolkit. Read about Favicons:

Thanks for the link, I fixed that favicon warning but I suspect it doesn’t seem to be related to my “font problem”.

The BPMN font is an icon font. For simplicity, you can use bpmn-embedded.css.