Using react-bootstrap in a plugin?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to use react-bootstrap components in a plugin? I’ve tried everything I can think of, and all I end up with is some form of:

Error: Can't resolve 'react-bootstrap'

And yes, I have run npm install react-bootstrap etc. I thought maybe it was solvable via babel, so I have added:


to my .babelrc file under presets which certainly cut down on the number of errors I was seeing, but it still doesn’t convince it to include react-bootstrap in the project.

And before you ask, I’d like to include react-bootstrap for some of it’s form and modal dialog capabilities and formatting. Most notably, I need a textarea component that I cannot seem to get from Formik (I’m basing much of this work off of the template-plugin which works, but I can’t get a textarea component).


What kind of plug-in do you refer to, a bpmn-js extension? Can you share an example of what you do (and what exactly goes awry, i.e. a CodeSandbox or something?