Use bpmn-io modeled files with other BPMN execution engines

I’m building a MEAN stack application. Want to use node and javascript on the server, like this BPMN execution engine. However bpmn files generated with bpmn-io do not execute on it. And conversely, I cannot open their bpmn sample files using the bpmn-io modeler.

I am new to this, but shouldn’t bpmn files be standard? I can understand straying from the standard, but those tags should have a custom namespace, and theoretically be ignored by each other’s tooling. What am I missing?


BPMN should be standard, but the engine implementation you have chosen doesn’t implement the standard.

In their examples they mix bpmn-elements with other stuff.

with to see the differences.

Kind Regards, Ingo

You are absolutely right about this.

Seems like their diagrams are not BPMN 2.0 compliant in some important aspects:

  • They do not use DI (BPMNs grapical information) so there is no way for other editors to display the symbols without sophisticated auto-layouting.
  • They extend the BPMN 2.0 schema in an invalid way. As far as I know vendors should provide extensions in <bpmn:extensionElements /> blocks. They simply inline them (i.e. using <mxCell /> elements for the graphical data) and do not provide a proper namespace.

Try to validate one of their diagrams against the BPMN 2.0 XML schema (BPMN20.xsd) to verify that I am not mistaken. You could use xsd-schema-validator for this if you are on NodeJS anyway.

So my assessment is: Their .bpmn files are not BPMN 2.0 compliant which will make it really hard to get bpmn-js play nicely with it.

Hi Nico- Your schema validator (nice lib BTW) verified it was not compliant. e2e may have started with the “Yaoqiang” BPMN editor which produces custom tags that are not compliant.

I would still like to use the node BPMN execution engine and bpmn-io editor. I spent time troubleshooting, and have it working now! Next step is to determine which of the BPMN structures the node execution engine supports. Thanks for your insight!