Usage of bpmn:Group


I did some tests of the new group feature within and something feels a little bit strange.
Group provides a border on the canvas and I can add a label.
But it seams to be not possible to add other elements into the group.

I place a group at the canvas and put a task on or into the group.


Now if I move the group, the task does not move with the group.


My expectation is if I move the group, the group is moving with all childs.
Is it planned to extend the group feature in that way?

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This is the expected behavior. The task is not a child of the group, therefore it doesn’t move with its group.

Hi Philipp,

how can I make the task to a child of the group?

BR Anja

A group is not a parent of elements but rather, from our understanding, a tool for visual grouping.
Making elements within the group with the group is thus not a feature we implemented (and plan to implement):

If you’re looking for parents of elements (not sure about your understanding of BPMN here) a sub-process is what you want.

Hi Nikku,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I understand, a group is only a kind of marker to provide a better understanding of this process area.
That’s okay.

My point of view for this discussion is the design time of a process.
Because if I have to change an existing process with one or more groups and would like to move one of the groups. I select this group and try to move, but the related elements are not moving and this is confusing.
For this case it would be great if a group would behave a little bit like a subprocess (without collapsing and connection docking). Just to put elements in and move or delete them with one selection.

Maybe one thought, in other software (e.g. PowerPoint) if you group elements, you can select, move and scale a group with elements by one touch.

Your answer might be now, that I could use the lasso tool to select the group and the elements together. Right, but it is not the expected and easiest way for the user - I guess.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’ll keep this in mind for future improvements in the group support.