URL links and UUID for medical use

  1. I like to build a search tool for doctors around a single concept, ic disease. My BPMN should be able to build a brain starting at point zero, i.c. the name of a disease, connected to all issues related to that disease like definition, ontologies, diagnosis, therapy, medications, natural history, incidence, prevalence etc. Doctors think like that, simple and methodically.
  2. I also like the nodes to link to specific URLs. I have created a demo for this. Please view https://github.com/hanshendrickx/UMS & https://hanshendrickx.github.io/UMS/. If typed f.e. fever and click you find 250 links to relevant information. In this case I reuse the search term 250 times in a search template to google/search?q=…
    Please advice. This model can be used for workflow analysis, diagnostic help tools etc.
    I appreciate your reply, Hans

Hi Hans, welcome to the Forum!

What can we help you with, exactly?
Are you encountering issues with the integration of BPMN in your app?

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Hi, Thanks for the welcome. The issue is if nodes can contain URL to www or files/folders/whatever. Thanks

When you say “nodes”, are you referring to BPMN elements?
I took at look at your examples, there is no reference to any of our bpmn.io packages.
I struggle to see how your project relates to our libraries, could you provide me with an example of BPMN integration to your project?