Update waypoints between two connections

For archimate modeling purpose, it’s allowed to connect a connection to a shape with a specific connection type.
The problem is when I move the target connection element, connection waypoints aren’t updated.
Thanks for your help.

You need to make sure incoming and outgoing connections are laid out after a connection has changed. This isn’t default behavior since connecting connections to connections isn’t standard behavior.

Thanks for the advice.
After searching for “incoming” in diagram-js, do you think this sample is a good candidate for this feature ?

@vbo75 Yes, that is a start. Essentially:

  • A connection changes
  • As a result any of the connections that have it as a source or target must be re-layouted

In the example you linked shows all techniques we employ:

  • You hook in before the fact (connection update) to capture essential information, i.e. old waypoints or docking points
  • You apply the actual linked connection re-layout using that information after the target changed.

For an improved feel you want to preserve the spirit of the old docking:

  • If segments stay the same then the connection after layout docks (source or target) on the same segment like it did before.

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