Update bpmn-js-example-custom-shapes

Is it possible to update bpmn-js-example-custom-shapes to the latest version of bpmn-js? Including the option to colour certain shapes/arcs.
It still uses bpmn-js 3.2.2 and hasn’t been updated in 4 years.

If not, is there another way to use the custom-shapes example with the latest versions of bpmn-js, diagram-js?

Hi, the repo you mentioned is not actively maintained, but we are open to community contributions and are happy to assist if you get stuck.

Have you tried bumping the version yourself? What errors have you faced?

@Martin I haven’t tried it myself yet. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how to go about updating it. Is that a lot of work? What do I have to consider?

You can just try to bump the versions of bpmn-js, diagram-js, … in the package.json and see if anything breaks if you try to run it.

You will probably have to switch to the Promise based API, as callbacks were removed with v14.

You can check the bpmn-js readme and Changelog for hints, but most things should still work :crossed_fingers:

I bumped it but when I’m now trying to build the example and run it in my browser, it gets “aborted do to warning”. A SyntaxError Unexpected token (30:4) while parsing file: …node_modules\bpmn-js\lib\features\outline\OutlineUtil.js.


SyntaxError Unexpected token (290:6) while parsing file: …node_modules\bpmn-js\lib\features\popup-menu\ReplaceMenuProvider.js

It does not seem trivial to update the example. I am grateful for help.

@Jean-Christophe-S It seems like the build chain on that example still assumes ES5 code. We want to update the build/bundling dependencies and it should work, as we target ES2018 nowadays.

I updated the example via Housekeeping: Update to `bpmn-js@15` by nikku · Pull Request #5 · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-example-custom-shapes · GitHub.

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