Upcoming bpmn-js 4.0 Release: Explore BPMN Modeling Improvements / Give us Feedback

The next version of our BPMN modeling tool, bpmn-js@4 is coming soon.

Explore the new features on our demo and report bugs in this thread :heart:.



Create group is very helpful item and thank you, like a user task, can I set label [like legend in fieldset] for group.

also when I create diagram and get export as bpmn format, in sequenceflow, waypoint attribute has problem.

<sequenceFlow id="SequenceFlow_1dnbj76" sourceRef="Task_1yd43u5" targetRef="Task_1h4gofb" waypoints="[object Object],[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]" />

diagram.bpmn (2.9 KB)

@Hadi_Jami Do you know the specific steps to reproduce this issue?

Yes, of course, in online demo:

  1. Add a pool
  2. Add group in lane
  3. Add start event to group and connect to task outside of group
  4. From task create link with other task in group, (create from task context pad)

And when I save as bpmn format, in source you can find this problem.


unfortunately, the bug with dataObjectReferences in a collapsed SubProcesses is still there.

bpmn-js40_1 bpmn-js40_2

Best Regards, Anja

btw … the new Group Feature is great.

@Hadi_Jami Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve created bpmn-js#1082 to track it.

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@Hadi_Jami Issue got fixed.

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We’ve published another round of updates on our demo, including a reworked sub-process / participant drag interaction. Should be way less annoying to model huge diagrams in zoomed in mode:


Try it out, give us feedback and help us ship an amazing release :tada:.

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