Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener invocation

I’m using bpmn-js version 1.1.1.
The event “mouse-down” is throwing exception in the method preventDefault in bpmn-modeler.development.js
The exception is:
“Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener invocation”

I looked for this error online and found the following:
“When using third party libraries (e.g. jQuery or lory.js) this error rises often - it’s due to fact that their listeners arent using passive event flag as default and still use preventDefault which in case of our default-passive property raises an error.”

The scenario to reproduce the error:

  1. drag two elements to the canvas
  2. click on the arrow in the context pad on one element
  3. connect this element to the other
    in Dev-Tool you can see the following error:

I upgraded the package to the latest version (3.2.1) and it still occur.
Can someone help?
Is there a solution for this error?

Find additional details in the bpmn-js issue #939 that duplicates this post.

TLDR: The error occurs in Angular.io / zone.js contexts only. We’d appreciate contributions that improve the situation and eliminate the error in that usage scenario.