TypeError:this._createcontainer is not a function

Angular 7.0 * Deployment on Linux times error

Can you please describe what you want to achieve? Without any information it will hard to help you.

Please share a CodeSandbox that reproduces your issue in a way that we can inspect it.

I’m sorry, My code is in the LAN environment。BPMN集成Angular 7.0后,在生产环境中,浏览器抛出 TypeError:this._createcontainer不是函数

First, please keep the communication in English. If you can’t share your code, then please try to describe what your use case and your problem is. Otherwise we won’t be able to help you.

Sorry, my code is in a LAN environment.After BPMN integration with Angular 7.0, the browser throws a TypeError: this._createcontainer that is not a function in a production environment

Might be related to this: Bpmn-js does not work in angular production mode

You can try to disable Angular optimization and see if the problem persists.