Tutorial for integrating into JSF?

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i’m looking for an example or tutorial how to integrate diagram-js with JSF ?

Do you guys have any example for me ?




Have a look at this example: https://github.com/zerounix/camunda.common.jsf.components

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Hi @TheForeigner, you should try with webjar example.
It worked like a charm for us.


I just tried this out, and by following the instructions on the page

It brings up the viewer correctly, allows us to draw a BPMN diagram

if I want to integrate the functionality of a modeler: Being able to save/ download the diagram, would I need Node.js , or specifically the “fs” modeul.

If so how to we add this or in other words, is it possible to integrate that part into an existing web application?

Any help is appreciated

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The only thing you would need is to call bpmnJs#saveXML whenever you would like to export the BPMN 2.0 XML. This will hand you over export errors + the actual XML text. You may do whatever with that data, including sending it to a remote backend via JSF-Post:

bpmnJs.saveXML(function(err, xml) {
  $.post('/save', { xml: xml });

No need for NodeJS or the like.

You can find more details about that in our modeler example.

Is there any way to customize the web jar to lock down some functionalities and integrate the custom modeler to a jsf web application?