Trigger elementTemplate-chooser set function


I set the value of elementTemplate through businessObject.set.


It set the value in the UI also, the properties releated to the selected template is populating. But, the XML is not having the properties (extensionElements and camunda:inputOutput node). I’m getting as below.

  camunda:class="com.mycompany.MailTaskImpl" />

But when the value is changed from UI (mouse select or change) the properties are binding. It triggers the set method from elementTemplate-chooser.


How to trigger the set function from selectBox or fire PropertiesPanel.prototype._bindListeners method explictely?


Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated…!!


Have you tried using the modeling API instead? There’s no need to set the property directly on the business object.

modeling.updateProperties(element, {
  'camunda:modelerTemplate': templateId