Toolbar shifted whenever change element toolbar open

Hii @nikku and @Martin, Hope You are doing well.
As i have updated my bpmn-js and proptertise panel to latest version. But i encounter with a bug that whenever i open u change element pop then my toolbar shiffted left.

and now toolbox not visible or can say that shiffted left when open change element.

Can u suggest me how to handle it? Thank You.


it looks like a problem with CSS. You could check the styles of .djs-popup in your tool. To help further, Iā€™d need access to your app, e.g. via codesandbox.

Hii @barmac , thanks for reply, You got it right , it was happening because of css and now its working fine by some css

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Could you share what exactly caused the trouble and how you fixed that? Other users could benefit from your experience.