To get the custom property Id and label data

We are having many custom properties added in the property panel provider.
we need to get the id and label data of all the custom properties in a component.
Please advise us how to get those information.

So instead of creating specific entries for each one of your custom properties, you want to generate them? You can iterate an elements properties and use the model to check wether it is part of a specific model package (e.g. your model extension package):

const moddle = modeler.get("moddle");

modeler.on("", ({ element }) => {
  const { businessObject } = element;

  for (let property in businessObject) {
    const descriptor = moddle.getPropertyDescriptor(

    if (descriptor) {
      const { ns = {} } = descriptor;

      const { prefix } = ns;

      const pkg = moddle.getPackage(prefix);

      if (pkg) {
          `property <${property}> is part of the following package:`,