Title of some default bpmn names and icons

Hey there everyone.
would u please help me to change the title of bpmn:sequence flow to show and export please…?
how can I customize these types of default names and titles?
if I create a method for this purpose will work on exporting too?
or what should I do?



I asked this question more than 20 days ago and no answer…

Could you explain your issue in a structured and detailed manner, so anyone has a fair chance to understand your use case?

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Thanks :heart:

my repo is:

yes I just want to change bpmn:sequenceFlow title to another custom title like bpmn:seenta, and I don’t know how to achieve that…

Why do you want to rename sequenceFlows? They are a core of the bpmn standard.
With the bpmn: namespace, you will be limited to the bpmn standard as found here: About the Business Process Model And Notation Specification Version 2.0

If you want to extend the model, you will need to create a custom namespace, e.g. seenta:myElement.

I know it’s a standard structure of bpmn but our business needs to change that if is it possible…?
it’s not?

yeah I will give it a shot
thanks a lot
in this way can I show and use seenta:myElement instead of bpmn:sequenceFlow?

I’m trying to do something similar, in my case I want to extend sequenceFlow and change the thickness of the arrow and its color, I’ve been trying for weeks and haven’t gotten any answers here, not even whether or not this is possible, see if my post can help you with anything.