There is no option to add datatype in property panel

I was checking the DMN creator, I created on input data, but the is no option to add the datatype of the inputData inside property panel.

please help me on the same.

What are you referring to as DMN creator?

Specifying the data type for input data elements isn’t supported by dmn-js. I am also not sure whether it’s supported by DMN 1.3 at all, but you can prove me wrong.

If you can think about a feature request which adds what you’re looking for, feel free to add a feature request in the project by giving detailed context of what and why you want to achieve.

Hi Niklas_Kiefer,

Thanks for the reply, is there any way to add it programmatically?


Hi Philoppfromme,

Sorry it was incomplete.
Is there any way to add the dataType for input data programmatically like this

<"“inputData id=”_1" name=“Age”>
<"“variable id=”_2" name=“Age” typeRef=“number”/>

Please help me on this.