The same URI in namespace

I created several custom types tasks. In every type task i have the same URI , example:

“name”: “Definitions 1”,
“uri”: “http://definitions”,
“prefix”: “d1”

“name”: “Definitions 2”,
“uri”: “http://definitions”,
“prefix”: “d2”

When i use one of them,
‘< d1:XXXX > < / d1:XXXX >’

in definition i have registry:


When I reopen i have message “unknown type ‘< d2:XXXX >’”

Like you see BPMN modeler wants open with another prefix and in this another prefix-namespace search type XXXX, which is in D1 prefix-namespace.

I try use another URI in every type tasks and it works. but i want to use ONE URI for every type tasks.

Is it possible ?

Thanks for the advices!

Not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve.

Could you publish an example that reproduces your problem somewhere on GitHub?

Example.json - here is configuration for first task.
Example2.json - here is configuration for second task.
ExampleXML.xml - this xml i writes.

When i saved and reopened i got error like in file error.png. We see that takes bad configuration(prefix too) for xml because i have the same URI in first and second task.

How can i resolve this problem ?